Phil/Kai ………the fight will continue

Phil/Kai ………the fight will continue

From the last four years this is a hot debate in the bodybuilding world. The matter is whether the raw muscles, definition and presentation is better or clean, clear cut mass, summitry and total impact is better. I am referring my views on the fight between international stars Mr. Kai green and Mr. Phill Heath .I have the honour to judge these two muscle mountains twice, during the first and second Sherru classic bodybuilding championship in India as a pro Judge.

Both the times it was a clear cut way through for Mr. Phil Heath over Kai. No doubt Kai is a great historical muscle man in the world. His awesome mass, size, definition, separation, posing routine, crowed pulling and above all his superb fan followings is remarkable. He is a born champion with great temperament and learning sprit. I remember when pre judging was over in Mumbai, Kai was lying on the stage on one side keenly watching his and Phil’s physique in his personal monitor. This shows that Kai has the temperament to learn and accept his weakness. Then I recall in New Delhi sherru classic next year Kai was much improved. The tempo of Kai’s improvement is matchless. Kai has genetical limitation of short torso, long limbs, and short neck, which could be his natural flaws. In spite of all These his pose down completely edges over the other competitors.

In spite of Kai’s continues improvement, he could not achieve that ultimate gold status. He is getting continuously second place to Phill inspite of his best efforts and improvement. On the other hand Phill is also improving at very big pace. Phil’s godly proportion, balance, awesome summitry , his winning attitude , humble gesture, matchless muscularity ,density, hardness , ruggedness, give an edge over Kai .

The fight will be on always between Kai and Phill and we all their fans will keep our finger cross in the coming many fights between both of these mountains….. And we will keep enjoying the great human development crossing all limits.

Dr. Randhir Hastir


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