Fitness Guru - Rita Singh

Fitness Guru - Rita Singh

I have been very passionate about fitness right from the very beginning. Earlier, I was into swimming, skating and also bharatnatyam and competed at state level in my school and college days.

In the last 10 years, I started weight training giving a whole new dimensions to my quest for fitness. As the fitness industry in India is evolving, I had the opportunity to witness a paradigm change in the entire thought process and level of awareness.

For example, many years ago, women were not much into weight training.

But now, the benefits of weight training have been realized and more and more women are getting interested and reaping the benefits of it.

With opening of more gyms and education in fitness as well as opening of the competitive world, it is the beginning of an altogether new era.

It was an honour and a privilege for me to get in touch with some of the exponents in the field and I would hopefully be able to get the international perspective and connect with India and go one step ahead.

In this trip to USA, I had the opportunity to train with some of the best in the field.

I attended the Bombshell Fitness Camp under the guidance of Shannon Dey who specializes in women fitness.

The camp had tough and gruelling routines. But more than that, I met so many strong women, aspiring to achieve the next level in fitness.

I got to learn so much from each one of them, especially their level of discipline and dedication.

And then during the super training days with Dennis James, of course I had the opportunity to train alongside Big Ramy who is preparing for Mr. Olympia. Right from early morning cardio to the discipline and perfection in diet,weighing every meal and his weight training sessions were exemplary and motivating.

I got to witness the making of a champion and what goes into it.

Dennis James has been so kind in taking all the pains to explain and teach me as much as possible and has a huge influence over me.

His MTUT style of training (Muscle Time under Tension) showed results and I could feel the muscles pump immediately.

I saw with my own eyes and amazed to see changes in me in a very short while, by making very small changes in me in a very short while, by making very small changes in my diet and workouts.


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