Whey Protein Vs Mass Gainer

Whey Protein Vs Mass Gainer

1. What is the difference between whey protein and mass gainer?

Mass gainers are protein too. Normally mass gainers supplies 22 to 35% of protein where as Protein powder as such supplies more than 60% proteins. Mass gainer contains more calories than regular whey protein. Mass gainer contains larger amounts of carbohydrates and fats to boost your calorie intake. Both are used for muscle recovery & muscle growth. Good mass gainers contain non sugar complex carbos for prolonged energy supply.

2. What would suit any one if one wants to build muscles?

If someone is a hard gainer or someone who doesn’t gain weight easily and want to build a significant amount of muscle mass, then mass gainer would be suitable for him. If one wants slow gains with controlled body fat percentage, a whey protein would probably be enough. Alternately, you can also use both mass gainer and whey protein to avoid gaining too much fat.

3. What if one wants to lose fat? Does one still need protein?

If someone has already built sufficient muscle mass and ready to cut fat, then whey protein would be suitable because his body still needs to hang on to the muscles one have already built. This prevents muscle catabolism from all the cardio one do to lose fat. This is important so that after one have lost the unwanted fat; there will still be muscle definition.

4. Isn’t whey protein only for cutting purposes?

Whey protein is suitable for both bulking and cutting phase. It’s just that some people prefer using mass gainer for bulking purposes, and some people (who gain weight easily such as mesomorphs and endomorphs) use only whey protein to build mass because of the fear of unwanted calories.

5. What if one doesn’t work out and just take protein/mass gainer? Will one grow?

The purpose of protein is to aid muscle recovery and repair muscle tissues so that the muscles can grow bigger and stronger. If one does not work out, then there is no need for recovery. Since his body does not store protein, it will just be a waste of money. If he takes mass gainer without exercising, there is a chance that his daily caloric input is more than his output, and he might gain fat instead of muscle and he is just wasting money buying supplements.

6. Could I take too much protein?

If one have any liver or kidney problems, or family history, please check with a medical practitioner first. The body will generally consume the protein it needs and excrete remaining nitrogen in urine, after the protein has been broken down. This is why it is important to have healthy liver and kidney functions. If one is taking a high protein diet from supplements and diet, just make sure he is drinking plenty of water.


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