How Many Sets for Biceps??

कैसे बनाए बड़े बाइसेप्स ?
When we talk of biceps, it does not mean the exact biceps muscle. Actually it is the complete upper arm which encircles two heads of biceps, brechioradiolis and the three heads of triceps. That's make the total size of upper arm. People say just biceps.

Now the point is how to get the bigger arms. Theoretically it looks easy but practically it is very difficult and sometimes so sticking that even few millimeters increase is very tough. There are very funny schedules available on net and advocated by so called trainers, coaches or fitness gurus. Most of these baseless schedules devote full training day for biceps and triceps separately. Which is not only wrong but it is over taxing for the poor small muscles. Now think of legs you perform 7 to 10 sets on various exercises. The thigh muscles are half of your total musculature and they during exercise, consumes huge energy need more recovery time to recover. The biceps or the total arms are just 1/10 of the total musculature, but everyone is so crazy to get bigger arms and so desperate for any types of training. Most of them are so maniacs, that apart from going to gym and train arms over there, they keep pairs of dumbbells or a set of weights to put extra load on arms daily to get bigger dream arms. This leads to over training and reduced size. That poor small pair of biceps and triceps are punished so brutally that they get over taxed and the size never improves, rather there is high chance of them to get injured and strained. Other aspect is, when we do any pulling exercise like chinning, rowing or pulling the biceps muscles are involved to its maximum. Similarly triceps contribute to all pushing exercise like all dips, presses and extension exercises. During all these exercises the arms have to do the full labour to do the job. This leads to over trained and exhausted poor arms. Most of the time one get depressed about the non improvement and leave the training. Whereas other go unwanted exhausted schedules along with expansive stacks and killing drugs without much results. Now question is how much load for the arms to grow bigger. It's is simple physiology that on pushing days, after 8 to 10 sets of pushing exercises ( chest & shoulder) one should go for just 2 to 3 sets of tired triceps. Similarly on pulling days after 8 to 10 sets of pulling exercises (back & trapezius) one should do 2 to 3 sets of tired biceps.

I assure you all that follow the basic science and principles of pre exhaustion, the pair of arms wiii get bigger, better in shape, power and size.

Dr. Randhir Hastir


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