1. They come from poor and moderate families. 2. They have limited food to take. Most of the time non veg and healthy eating is not affordable. 3. They have very skinny childhood health. Not plump one. 4. They are Ecto Meso physique. 5. The world class champ starts their sports journey not from bodybuilding. Most of them come from soccer, wrestling, gymnastics, powelifting and other physical sports. 6. Most of time I have seen rather experienced on myself that a change of eating habits or easing the active life style or switching over from cycle to motor bike in day to day work can help you to gain unwanted fat around and push you away from bodybuilding targets .

In my 45 years of bodybuilding experience and involvement , it is a sort of evidential support that everyone and everybody can't become a muscleman and everyone can't present a six pack physique. I am not discouraging the body lovers but I am warning the muscle maniacs. They get most of the time so desperate that they don't even hesitate to harm them self with any type of killing stacks. These not only give them the financial loss but suffer from irreparable health damages. It's a truth that everyone has to admit the six packs come out only if someone is having a body fat around 13 - 15 %. And chisel board pack appears only when BF is 10%. Now think a person with BF 24%. He or she has all the fat tires around. A good training and eating regime for years can help to lose 5 to 6 % body fat but they can never reach to a level around 10 to 12%. Yes there are rare examples those had done it but it's true that once the stop the training and controlled eating. Normal BF of healthy individual is 14 to 18 % for men and 15 to 20% for women. A state level bodybuilder has 10 to 12% BF and national level has less than 8% and international stars have around 6%. Women bodybuilders have sometime 4%. Now the question is what is the basic raw material of a bodybuilder it's is the low body fat percentage + more muscle mass to ones frame. You need to have 20% more muscle Weight as per normal height and weight ratio with low body fat even without training and dieting. So please evaluate yourself and see your starting pad what nature has given you to make a bodybuilder flight and you aims and targets should be in your reach and achievable. Otherwise you are going to tax your time, health and pocket.

Dr. Randhir Hastir Trainer of trainers


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