10 Myths About Treadmill

10 myths about running on the treadmill

1. 30-40mts on treadmill is great

No. There are thousands of gym goers leave the gym in the first fortnight of joining the gym only because on the Treadmill. People those have never run or walked in real life start running or walking on treadmill on the very first day for 10-15mts and gradually increase in the next few days. These people suddenly stop coming to gym due to unexplained cause. On close watch on such cases, it is found they feel tired, over trained, ankle / knee/ back stiffness or pain due to overuse of joints and ligaments.

BBI Guidance: Best way is to start using treadmill, as one of the warming up gadgets and one should spent 3-4 mts. On treadmill for the first few weeks and increase 1mt. Every fortnight ultimately up to 10-15 mts every time. If you stamina is increasing more, then you need not to increase time but should increase the intensity like speed, angle and resistance.

2. Daily running on treadmill is great

No. Daily exercise of any kind, of any bodypart leads to over training, over use, tiredness, pain, injury and monotony and finally drop-off.

BBI Guidance: Best is to run on treadmill 2-4 times a week and slowly increase the running time after a fortnight. And once you reach a level around 10-15mts at good pace then increase the resistance and intensity.

3. Treadmill alone is complete workout

No. Walking or jogging on treadmill can never be a complete exercise. It may be a cardio movement for sliming and endurance gains. But never strengthen the muscles, joint and tendons. It never changes your contour and shape. The partial movements of legs on treadmill does not strengthen the thigh and calf muscles,

BBI Guidance: It will be great if we add other cardio gadgets along with treadmill like skiing machine, rowing machine, elliptical, cross trainers circuit weight training etc.

4. Safe on knees

No. The knees , ankles and hip joint are the more taxed joints. If we do the treadmill for 30-40 mts. , it means our all the working joints have to work for thousands time and have go under all possible wear and tear leading to deranged joint liniment and shape. This results to bad knees and other joints.

BBI Guidance: If you really want to have power, strength, stamina, good muscles, joints, ligaments then one has to follow the strength training system which may be followed with cardio including treadmill training.

5. Great for thighs

No. During treadmill exercise the working muscles never fully relax and contract during the movement. It gives partial movements of the working muscles for the high number of repetitions at a low intensity and no muscle exertions. The thigh muscles are exerted but not contracted and relaxed to the full range of motion. Like squats the thigh muscles are relaxed and contracted fully.

BBI Guidance: It will be great to cut down minuets on treadmill and add cycling for few minuets. Circuit weight training including squats works much batter on leges.

6. Same as ground running

No. Running on grounds is entirely different than treadmill running or walking. On ground running, we run at our own pace, direction, speed and momentum. We can experience the weather , temperature and feel the hardness and softness of the track or ground. Where as on treadmill we hardily get this feel.

7. Better then cycling

No. Treadmill is never better then Cycling because the cycling is done with your thighs with the resistance of the cycle is under your control and in treadmill you have to run with your won body weight and the speed you have to adjust as per your power and stamina.

8. Best cardio monitoring

No. You can’t monitor heart rate correctly on the most of the branded treadmills. You will find that heart beat on treadmill are not matching with your real heart beats

9. More treadmills in a gym is best

No. More treadmill in the gyms means more costing more wear and tear. Because of injudicious over use of treadmill by members, specially beginners the sprains, strains, injuries, pain, over training is much more and finally leads to drop-off.

BBI Guidance: 1-2 treadmill is sufficient in small gyms and 4-6 treadmills are best in bigger gyms. More than 10-15 gyms is just decorative and waste of money. If you want to retain you members it will be great not to put your members on treadmill not more than 3-5 mts in the beginning and 8-10 mts. in the later stage that’s too alternate day………..not daily.

10. Buying treadmill for home is great

No. It is status symbol to buy a treadmill or even a exercise cycle at home. 90% of the home treadmills, cycles, or any other equipment are not used as required but are used as hangers for drying clothes. Almost every time these unused gadgets are placed under the stairs.

BBI Guidance: It is great if it is used and enjoyed at home as per direction and suggestions given above. That means slowly increase time, pace, intensity, duration and alternate day training. Better to watch your favorite Tv serial on treadmill or cycle.

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