Common Wight Loss Mistakes

weight loss mistakes

When trying to lose weight, follow what is right not what you just see.

5 COMMON mistakes to avoid in Weight-Loss.

The Internet is filled with information about diet, weight loss and exercise but the sad part is that not all of it is correct.

It is important to be aware of the information which is not true because it can harm your health, here are some important mistakes that people make when trying to lose fat/weight.

Mistake #1: Cutting too much fat.

People thing that eating no fat will lead to weight loss, what is important to note is that fat also is an important element in the human health, fat is digested slowly and helps to stabilize blood sugar levels and also helps us feel full.

Eating less fat will on the contrary result in you feeling empty and eating more frequently.

Mistake #2: Using stimulants.

People think Caffeine and other such stimulants will reduce hunger and aid in weight loss. What is important to note is that reducing hunger is more harmful than good. The body needs food to survive on.

The best way instead is to take less stress, eat small nutritious meals frequently and exercise. This doesn’t mean that you should stop consuming coffee, it is just that it should be taken in moderation.

Mistake #3: Cutting too many carbs.

Right Carbohydrates are an important factor in your journey to health. Carbs help to store water. Once you stop in taking carbs, you might see a quick weight loss but that is just the loss of water, once you start taking carbs again, you will see a quicker gain in weight.

Avoid simple sugars like candy & soda based drinks and try to eat good carbs found in vegetables, seeds, whole grains, nuts etc.

Mistake #4: Avoiding dairy products.

Dairy products are widely considered as not good for health as they are high in fat, but again, if taken in moderation, dairy products can also prove to be healthy and contribute to your weight loss rather than weight gain.

Dairy products contain calcitriol – this is a hormone which commands the body to burn fat and convert less sugar to fat.

Therefore, the secret is to try & consume 2-3 moderate servings of low-fat dairy products daily.

Mistake #5: Avoiding strength-training exercises.

Some dieters, particularly women, avoid strength-training because they don't want to "bulk up" and gain weight. This is unfortunate, because muscles speed up your metabolism. Strength training actually promotes fat loss and, like all exercise, helps your body release feel-good endorphins.

Strength training or Weight training is believed to be a contributor to bulking up and gaining weight, while it is true that weight training helps to build muscle but that only happens in proportion to the diet you eat.

Weight training infact improves the metabolism and thus promotes fat loss and keeps you energetic.

In total, don’t be trapped in the weight loss web by continuing to follow these common myths that are floating around you, on the internet or anywhere else. Try to be realistic and scientific in your weight loss approach and understand that not eating much is not the solution, a balanced diet and good workout is what will majorly contribute to your weight loss goals.

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