Eat Delicious and Lose Weight

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Eat Delicious and Lose Weight! 5 Most Effective Fruits For Weight Loss

Fruits are filled with vitamins & other essential nutrients which make them a healthy option to enjoy frequently. Fruits can be enjoyed as a good snack option

When you are feeling hungry and can be a great alternative to junk food. We have compiled a list of 5 readily available fruits that you can enjoy to help speed up your weight loss journey.


An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Yes, we heard it all! But it also helps you in staying fit.

Apple is the most nutritious and a fitness fruit. It contains 85% water and all the nutrient essentials that your body requires. It is also a high fibrous fruit and it is evident that high fibrous diets help you in staying full and fit for long run!


For sure! Lemon is a magical fruit with vitamin C and other important is also rich in antioxidants which basically helps in cleansing the inner body and releases all bad toxins. It certainly will reduce bloating and hence cuts down extra fat. It is also a home for potassium which helps in generating healthy heart and maintains high blood-sugar levels.


Watermelons must be your love for summers! But this magical fruit has the best properties that can help in boosting your weight loss journey. This Fruit is almost WATER! It contains 91% water which makes it the king of all the fruits when it comes to the water content of the fruit. It has almost no fat which is again a very interesting fact.


Better Known as ananas in Hindi, it is again a summer friendly fruit with all the major ingredients. Its sweet, tangy and full of energy. Now what else we can ask for? Its completly loaded with antioxidants which make pineapples responsible for flushing out toxins from the body and helping to reduce weight.


This is a well known fact that Bananas are the most common fruit eaten in India. It is the best beg-pack for your calcium supply. With a number of weight loss properties, it is mostly known that bananas are really helpful in shedding weight. The extra calcium in bananas help in strengthening bones and nails. Bananas are Best!

Fruits are rich in fiber and essential nutrients and vitamins. Consuming them often keeps the body hydrated and rich in antioxidants as well. Add these fruits to your daily diet and see how you achieve wonderful results in a short span of time.

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