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Easy To Do Home Based Exercises for Effective Weight Loss: Give a Kick Start To Your Workout!

Standing in front of the mirror, and looking at your belly fat? Thinking that what if you could make it disappear out of nowhere? Or you walking down the shinny streets and watching those beautiful dresses inside the malls, thinking “Would this clothing fit me?”

Well, gear up your motivation and be ahead of the game with these easy to do exercises where you can easily shed some extra pounds and stay fit and healthy effortlessly.


Plank is one of the most easy to do exercises that can keep you fit and healthy. It comes with so many body benefits that you are going to praise for sure!

How To Do It:

1.Get straight down on the floor on your hands and your feet.

2.Your body should be in a straight line and make sure your hands should be under your shoulders. Keep your abs tight and belly button sucked in.

3.You should keep your belly button and abs tight.

2. Mountain Climbers:

Burn the extra abdominal fat with effective Mountain climbers. This exercise is also very effective in getting rid of love handles.

How To Do It:

1.Be in the plank position.

2.Bend over one knee and place other one slightly forward.

3.Now shift your legs backward and forward one by one by interchanging their position simultaneously.

3. Push-Ups:

Push-ups are the master exercise for any sport! If you want to stay ahead of the game, follow these easy steps to do perfect push-ups.

How to Do It:

1.Be in the plank position.

2.Slowly bend your elbow as you lower yourself towards the floor.

3.Push back yourself while opening your bend arms.

4. Skipping:

Skipping can be really helpful in gaining the stamina and in warm ups. It helps burns the calories way faster while giving you an extra nudge for the further workout.

How to Do it:

1.Stand straight while keeping your legs together.

2.Now jump and let the rope pass through your feet.

3.Keep your hands and legs tight.

5. Bridge:

This is the one of the best exercises for your back and legs. It strengthens the abdominals and help in giving your body a perfect shape.

How To Do It:

1.Bend your knees and feet on the floor while lying down on your back.

2.Slowly raise your hips up as high as possible to make a straight line from shoulders to knees.

3.Slowly lower your body towards the floor and again raise it back up

6. Crunches:

Bye bye belly fat! Crunches are essential tool to fitness. They keep you stay fit and in shape.

How to Do it:

1.Lie on your back with your knees bent, and your hands behind your head.

2.Gradually lift your shoulders off the floor while folding your legs towards your ribcage.

3.Now, gently return to the starting position.

7. Squats:

Now fret no more of the annoying extra fat around your hips and thighs and get that desired toned look instantly.

How to Do it:

1.Stand up with your feet slightly wider than your hips.

2.Your toes should be pointed outward.

3.Look straight ahead while picking a spot on the wall in front of you.

4.Continue looking at this spot the entire time you squat.

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