Benefits of Dumbbell Exercises

Benefits of Dumbbell Exercises
Dumbbells are inexpensive, versatile and easy-to-use weights that let you create a variety of workouts to improve your health. Depending on the amount of weight you use, number of repetitions you do and pace at which you use them, dumbbells can help you improve cardiovascular fitness, burn calories, build muscle or increase muscular endurance for sports. These are some following benefits of dumbbell exercise:- Balance To exercise with a dumbbell, you have to make a balance, which improves your physical strength of the body. Along with this, one part of our body is slightly more powerful than the other, which creates an imbalance situation. This imbalance can be overcome with the dumbbell exercise. Muscle Building You can build muscle with dumbbells using heavier weights. Increasing muscle mass helps burn more calories throughout the day, since a pound of muscle burns more calories than a pound of fat. The Centers for Disease Control recommends combining resistance training that builds muscles with cardio exercises. Cardio Health Using dumbbells to raise your heart rate helps you improve cardiovascular health. Starting at a slower pace, beginners to exercise can improve cardio stamina by using lighter weights for 30 minutes or longer. Raising the rate at which you use the dumbbells can move your heart rate into the aerobic zone, providing even more cardio benefit. Frequent aerobic exercise also helps improve blood cholesterol. Unilateral Training One advantage of exercising with a dumbbell is that you can exercise one part of the body at one time. Because of this, there is a better movement while doing exercise and you can place physical strength in one place which increases the chance of exercising with heavyweights. And thus, the development of the muscles occurs very quickly. Variation in exercises Dumbbells can be used for a variety of exercises. Machines allow one motion in one specific movement pattern to place load on one muscle or muscle group. Due to their length, standard barbells are best used for compound movements in one specific plane of motion. Due to their size and the fact they can be held in each hand, dumbbells can be used to create a variety of different movement patterns to develop task- or movement-specific strength. Weight Loss Aerobic exercise using a dumbbell can burn more calories because it makes the heart rate increase. Doing aerobics to lose weight is beneficial to reduce the risk of diseases such as diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke, back pain and high blood pressure. This type of weight-loss exercise in addition to burning calories is also beneficial to increase muscle strength, muscle endurance, and heart strength. Bone Density Weight training helps to increase bone density, thus reducing the risk of fractures. The dumbbell is an ideal way to improve bone health because it can do while sitting or lying down at the same time can choose the weight that matches the ability.


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