Yoga Myths

Yoga Myths
Yoga is very popular these days. For men and women interested in health and fitness, yoga can provide a fun and healthy activity. Yoga is a versatile practice that can be modified to fit the needs of almost anyone who wants to learn. Regularly practicing yoga can have a wonderful impact on both body and mind. It boosts your flexibility whilst toning your physique and helping you relax all at once. Unfortunately, there are also many misconceptions about yoga. The following are some of the most popular myths and misconceptions surrounding yoga.
Myth 1: Yoga is not a workout Most types of yoga will not burn as many calories or get your heart pumping as much as a cardiovascular activity like running or biking; that part is true. But yoga has been shown to improve flexibility, balance and strength. While yoga can often be less intense than other forms of exercises, there are variants of that increase the heart rate and work muscles just as effectively as conventional exercise. Myth 2: Yoga is only for women There’s no doubt that yoga is more popular with women than men. Most yoga classes have far more female than male participants. In the records of time, yoga was traditionally practiced almost exclusively by men in ancient India. Yoga is not a gender-specific activity. Men and women alike can practice and benefit from a regular yoga practice. Myth 3: Yoga is dangerous If you want to achieve something in a hurry, anything will be dangerous and this is true in the case of Yoga also. Understand the limitations of your body and practise asanas accordingly. It is just not bodily postures; you have to practise Pranayama, Bandha, Mudra, Kriyas and meditation also for the overall development of your personality. Yoga is beneficial and not dangerous, if practised with dedication and initially under the supervision of an experienced teacher. Myth 4: Yoga is only for skinny and young people Another myth about yoga is that yoga is a practice for skinny, young people. You are never too old or even too young to start practicing yoga. Moreover, a countless number of seniors found yoga super beneficial whether it’s for their back issues or better postures. Myth 5: You have to be flexible Yoga helps you become flexible. No matter what your skill level is starting out, a consistent practice will help you improve not only your flexibility, but balance and strength as well.


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