Zero to Hero

Zero to Hero

It's a normal practice in many sports that most of the time the caretakers, helpers, cleaners or employees or their wards at the play grounds, golf courses, swimming pools, tracks, gyms are likely to become champs & stars.

If we think money or the status can get every thing , it's wrong. The regularlty and the continued practice along with destiny are the key factors. The skill is developed, improved and polished with time and experience. There is hardly a diet and money factors in many sport in the beginning.

Events like gymnastics, wrestling, endurance running in athletics, many ball Sports even Bodybuilding are the exemplary where care taker become champs or reputed players. In my 45 years of experience l have found that 80% of the champs in many power sports comes from poor to very poor families.

Its a bad luck for indian Sports that the people those can afford don't have any intrest im sport and people those don't have basic immunities joins the sport and excle. But their target and aim is always to play the sport and to work hard to get a primary job in any government department as a lower class subordinate not a class 1 officer.

Its is also understood among all that sports is for poors and for student lagging in studies. Where as it is not true because without mental caliber no one can Learn and executes the skill and techniques of sports. So to become a hero in any feild one should have environment, culture, inclination, circumstances and destiny.

Dr. Randhir Hastir Trainer of Trainers.


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