Trainer knows everything!!!

Trainer knows everything!!!

Gym trainer knows more about drugs and proteins. Its a pity in fitness industry that uneducated, untrained just with big arms or six pack, are behaving like specialist in drugs n supplements. Once a member join the gym he pays for membership and personal training is motivated to spend more for various thermogenics and amino proteins. Or they don't hasitate to prescribe and steroids drugs to body maniacs.

Do these coaches really knows about all these. No. This is the job of a qualified physician and nutritionist. These quack coaches just loot poor body lovers with substandard, low quality , duplicate , irrelevant products for big margins. They don't know about the exact dosage and regime. Most of the time they prescribe 200 times bigger dosages then the prescribed therapeutic effective dose. Thus giving much more damages and side effects. Where as the positive effect are same with even higher dosages.

One thing i want to ask these dumb headed that can they experiment these dangerous and expensive products on their family members?. They will never do that.


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