"Yes, I will do it"

“Yes, I will do it”
"Yes, I will do it" is a unique self motivatory line which one speaks to oneself while and before attemping a difficult effort. These efforts could be by a thrower, jumper, athelete, weight lifter, power lifter, weight trainer etc. While going for the next all out explosive effort which is beyond ones reach.
It is like doing the last set of squat with full enthusiasm to do the best number of repetitions breaking ones own record. Or it is like throwing the shotput within extra effort to break ones own barrier. This temprament and the confident call to one self with a strong message to ones complete nero muscular system with this line spoken by oneself in his own lips with their right fist tight and the neck nodding with the wrist........ with a murmur of "Yes I will do it".
The champions during training normally talk with themself after the set and before the sets. After the set they show their success with joy to themself when one crosses or overcome the previous record or achievement or show distress with themself because of the failure for not achieving the desired target. Talking to oneself or some time abusing to oneself is psychological booster to propagate the total nuro muscular system to be prepare for all out efforts. Slowly the stimulus, the outcome and the repercussion of these motivating self talks helps one to out break his complete physical abilities to get into the next level of power, strength, endurance and stamina.
These self talking and expressions with practice helps you to motivate your mental power which in turn helps you to set, cross and establish many targets and records. These complete massages of physical, emotional, stressful and motivational nature goes to the brain which create the great strength and recovery system. This helps in making our muscles, muscle group, tendons, ligaments, bones etc. so strong slowly so that they could combat the gradually increasing load ultimately to cross the human limits..
.........Dr. Randhir Hastir


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