Why form is important in Bodybuilding?

The shape of every person’s body is different and hence their proper form is hard to define. For example, one person’s “proper” squat can look much different than another person’s squat because their range of motion (ROM) and flexibility levels differ. Some individuals can squat good below the height of their knees due to flexibility in their body parts like hips, knees, and ankles, while others face struggles in those areas preventing them from getting lower — which plays a huge role when it comes to proper weightlifting form.

Why proper form is important

Proper form is always essential, but it’s especially more important when you add weights in your workouts. Your muscles get stronger as extra load forces your muscles to work harder but sometimes these extra weights could result in injuries. Before we jump into proper weightlifting form tips and tricks, let’s talk more about exercise form, in general.

The most significant benefits of executing exercises with proper form, it reduces the risk of injuries and you will be able to target the intended muscle groups for the specific exercise you’re performing in a pain-free way.

Proper weight lifting form tips

When you add load (resistance bands, kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells) then it will multiply the risk of injury as well as benefits. Added weight puts more stress on your joints and back. Here are some tips to maintain proper weightlifting form:

  • Practice:  Practice the movement without weights before you even pick up the weight. This way, your body can feel the movement before you put in weight.
  • Check your posture: In between every rep, do a lightning-fast body scan and make sure your posture is perfect. Ask yourself or your trainer about the correction of the position of your posture.
  • Maintain control: The second that your form slips or you notice you’re relying on momentum, you’ve reached your limit.

How to avoid common mistakes

In squats, our best advice is to only go as deep into a squat as your body allows without pain and without sacrificing form. Take care not to hyperextend and push the hips too far forward when you stand while executing a deadlift. In push-ups, your body should stay in a straight plank position throughout the entire movement.

Time to talk planks! Make sure your shoulders don’t tense up toward your ears or scrunch together. To avoid injury and build strength, always keep your core engaged and use a mirror to check your hip position.

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