Best Gym Exercises to Improve Your Stamina

best gym exercises

Stamina is one quality that everyone needs excess of. Increased stamina means that you can train for more time, without feeling tired. It means you can sail past the competition in your sport of choice.

Here are five short and sweet gym activities for taking your stamina to the best level.

  1. Do some elliptical HIIT

HIIT is rough, although it works. A 2017 study found that a teaching protocol including HIIT improved performance in recreational endurance runners, by improving maximal oxygen uptake, as well as causing various metabolic and muscular adaptations.

  • Superset your resistance exercises

Your weight training sessions not only train your biceps but also a great workout for your lungs and heart. To turn your resistance training sessions into stamina-boosting workouts par excellence, superset as many exercises as possible. Supersetting involves going straight from an exercise for one muscle group, to an exercise for another muscle group, without taking a rest break in between.

  • Perform kettlebell swings for high reps

Kettlebell swings are an exercise from the Russian strongmen of former times, which focus on training all the muscles of the posterior chain - hamstrings, lower back, etc.— as well as the muscles of the core. Perform your kettlebell swings for high reps, to turn them into an extremely intense cardio workout, too. Focus on beating your previous rep-count whenever possible.

  • Do steady-state cardio using a breath training device

Any device that creates some “resistance” to your natural breathing, and forces your lungs to work, could help to strengthen your stamina.

Bas Rutten’s O2 trainer is one such device that “Bas”, a former MMA champion, credits it with curing his lifelong asthma. To get a good training effect, try using the O2 trainer or a similar device while doing steady state cardio on a treadmill.

  • Use rest-pauses to maximize intensity without compromising on volume

The more intense a weightlifting routine is, the more your muscles are going to be contract and the more your heart and lungs can work. Over time, your muscles and cardiovascular system are going be forced to adapt to more level of sweats.

Using rest-pauses to maximize the quantity and intensity of your workouts is a great trick in this regard. A “rest-pause” is essentially a micro-break in the middle of a set, allow you to recover just enough to force out additional reps. High-volume is often a large factor in high intensity, and play a major role in boosting your stamina.

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