Weight Loss Myths

Weight Loss Myths

Weight loss is a common concern for most of the people. Many people are continuously working to lose weight or maintaining it. For this to be successful then we all need proper guidance and advice. There are many myths and misunderstandings about effective ways for weight loss for the long term. Most of the information doing rounds on the internet is false and misleading thus it is important to know and be able to distinguish the facts from the myths.

Myth 1: All Carbs are bad Carbohydrates are actually an important source of energy. The body also uses carbs as fuel during exercise to burn body fat. It is not factual that all carbohydrates are bad. There is a lot to learn from low-carb diets. You want limit processed carbs such as white bread. Carbs are not all equal and you should avoid processed foods that are high in sugar and white flour. The fact is that low-carb diets are very useful in weight loss. Myth 2: Drinking water helps you to lose weight Drinking a lot of water does not help lose weight but it keeps one hydrated. Water in itself does not have weight loss properties. However, it contains zero calories, so if you replace your usual drinks which do contain calories (milk, liquor, juice, etc.), you reduce your daily calorie intake. Thus, it is essential for good health. Myth 3: Training Hard It’s a common belief that if you exercise hard, you will lose more weight. In reality, it is not correct. The more you exercise, the hungrier you get and the more you eat. But if you eat the right amount of calories and high protein diet, this can make your muscle toned and hence make you look fit. More the muscle on your body more will be the calories burnt and stronger you look and feel. Myth 4: You should starve Starvation is never going to lead to healthy weight loss – all you need to do is restrict your caloric intake. However, this does not mean that you cut down calories completely from your diet. Starvation can lead to a decrease in the metabolic rate. In addition to this, also keep in mind the fact that any extreme caloric restriction can also lead to a nutritional imbalance. Myth 5: Fad diets Fad diets which promise instant success seem quite appealing, and they do work, but unfortunately, they work only for a short time. Fad diets are usually effective and bring fast results. However, the effects are only short-lived. In many cases, these diets are unhealthy and can lead to health problems. If you want to lose easier and for a longer time, your diet plan should be based on balance and moderation. It would be better to follow a well-balanced diet and focus on reducing caloric intake which is essential for weight loss. Myth 6: Lifting weight is not good for Weight Loss Lifting weights is proven to boost up the metabolism. This means that you will continuously be burning a higher number of calories up to 48 hours after your workout. Resistance training also helps you build muscle. The more muscle you have, the more calories you will be burning daily. Weight training is one of the most effective types of exercise for weight loss. Myth 7: Eating late at night makes you fat It’s not about what time to eat; it’s about what you eat. It’s never a good idea to eat a heavy meal right before bed, but a healthy snack late at night will not make you fat; if anything it will both help you sleep better and prevent binging in the morning. If you want to lose weight efficiently, you should be aware of these common weight loss myths. The purpose of making people aware of these myths is to help them organize their own weight loss plans and diets in a much more informed manner. Remember that your diet is the most important part of your weight loss program. Exercise is very effective in helping you lose weight faster. For faster and more significant weight loss, you can use weight loss supplements.


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