Tips to shed off

Tips to shed off
To lose weight one needs to train 4-5 days a week & train fairly heavy. Always do cardios after the training. The cardios should be 20-30 minutes after leg workouts. One must train legs 2 times a week and bigger muscles like chest and back 2 times a week and arms can be trained just one day. The arms are the supporting muscles groups which get exercise all the time when we perform any upper body exercise. So most of the time they get over trained. So be careful to overexert them. 2-3 days rest in a week is must to recover properly. The reps in all exercises must be from 15-20 with moderate heavy weights. Even abs are muscle too, they must not be trained with high reps. of 20 to 25. Slow reps are best for abs calves n lower back.

Eating Tips

Eat very small 6-8 balance meals every 3 to 4 hours. Stop all sweets, juices, fried, junk food and over eating right away. Add fibers in the form of salads, cereals, sprouted etc. But be sure all these are to be taken in limited quantity. After all, these are complex carbs and if taken in excess will lead to extra calories and ultimately will lead to weight gain and fat. NEVER SKIP A MEAL. Out of 6-8 meals take 2 moderate protein sugar free supplements as meal replacement. Eat slowly and chew the food thoroughly. Weigh your self daily and monitor your training intensity and eating quantity and quality as per the requirements. Stay motivated and never lose confidence ... you can lose weight without problem .. just follow my basic guidelines and suggestions. All the best.


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