Master the tongue

Master the tongue
The tongue is the most important, mischievous, uncontrolled but dependable organ in the body. Our master, the Brain, controls it through our sensory organs -sight, smell, hearing, taste and touching. The tongue muscles are unique example of extensors i.e. pushing and flexors i.e. pulling muscles. The good tasty food is pulled in and a bad one is pushed out. It produces the awesome fluid, i.e. saliva to help the cubs digestion, assimilation and absorption. Base of Tongue is the place where the energetic glucose is immediately absorbed.

Even the Alcohol and other non fat and non protein foods start getting absorbed right away, the moment we put them onto the tongue, rather than getting rolled around the tongue. So in order to get the best use of the tongue we must chew the food for some time and make micro fine particles, roll it around the tongue and then engulf it to the esophagus i.e. food pipe.

It is the right time to mention, that the enjoyment of food starts from here only. The tongue is the only organ which tastes the food and send messages to brain to select or reject. And the tasty food is thrown in and the unlinked or not so tasty food is spat out.

The most difficult task in the world is to master or control the tongue. Whether it is eating, tasting or even talking. Even a simple sight of tasty food arouses the tongue to get prepared for receiving the favorite food article.

If you really want to master the tongue, then simple thing is to eat very slowly and enjoy the taste and aroma of food. After you enjoyed the taste, flavor and aroma of the food, then you can throw the food into the trash bin, I mean into the gut or out into the dustbin lying in the room. If you eat very slow I can bet you will eat less and enjoy more.

After all, there are two trash bins in the world. One is our own mis -managed body and the other is managed or miss-managed world itself. Keep trying and master the tongue. Try going to a party and after engulfing snacks, try munching few bites of bread alone slowly without picking up the dinner plate. Just eat slowly and enjoy the food and get the maximum out of the minimum food stuff.

......Dr. Randhir


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