Steroid the Mimicry  Mania

Steroid the Mimicry  Mania

Everyone knows the meaning of the Word mimicry. It is basically the imitation and copying of the original object, action, person or some important celebrities. But the imitation can never be original and can never be as effective as the true things.

I am using this word to highlight your favorite bodybuilding maniac masala , the steroids. Originally steroids are the chemical and synthetic form of substance, which Mimics the action of naturally occurring testosterone hormone. It is a well known fact that the testosterone has important major three functions:-

1. Mind health and well being.

2. Growth of Body mass and bones.

3. Gonads and sexual function.

The true testosterone produce by the testes under the influence of pituitary gland performs the complete body function mentioned above and imparts the healthy life for complete youthfulness .

But the steroids, which I mentioned earlier are the mimicry substances performing few functions of the testosterone under the various imbalanced Endocrinol functions and does not perform all the above mention functions. The roids may help temporarily on some muscle gaining , fat loosing and some unusual calcium & mineral deposition in our bones and temporary quicken recovery system.

But but but the problem is once the steroids are administered the pituitary gland do not get stimulated rather they slow down the natural production of various hormones like natural testosterone at the muscular level and the testicular level. It means the effects produce by mimicry hormones do not do all the functions of the natural hormones, thus create an imbalance in the functioning of our brain, digestive system, Endocrinol system, sexual performance and maturity and above all our total metabolic immunity system.

The mimicry action of steroid for long term use can force the naturally producing glands to shut down and leaves behind many irreversible damages. On the other hand the benefits achieved by the small mimicry action of steroids vanish away once this cycle is stopped.

Please do not force your immune system to depend upon these mimicry substances which has no value to give health but has definitely unlimited long lasting side effects for your crippled life.


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