Sham Singh Mr. World wheel chair 2011

Sham Singh Mr. World wheel chair 2011
Sham Singh IFBB Mr. World (Wheel Chair 2011) won the title at Santa Susana, Spain in December 2011. 26 year old Sham Singh is son of Mr. Khattar Singh and Mrs. Gurmeet Kaur resident of Village Chalano District Faridkot Punjab. He did his Schooling at Khalsa Senior Secondary School running his own health club in the name of Shera Health Club in Faridkot. His parents noticed is a right leg Polio when he was quite young. Shera his popular name started exercise at the age of 15 to strengthen his week polio ridden leg. The fact of weight training was fantastic in upper body and left leg starting growing at a phenomenal pace. His left leg is the best body part and is better than event any professionals body builder. Weight training has helped him to walk on his two leg without any clutches. He is thankful to his coach Mr. Sudesh Pawar and Dr. Randhir Kumar. He has no word to thank Mr. Deep Malhotra, a local Akali M.L.A. for his help.

He won Punjab State, North India, National and World Handicapped Championship. This is rarely in the history is making and war against a sickness which is crippling thousand of polio ridden people. His massages that to train hard you don't have any excuse...........just shed your laziness pick the dumbbell to get stronger.

Sham Singh Won Gold Medal in IFBB World amateur 2015 at San Salvador USA.


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