The great Khali (Dalip singh)

The great Khali (Dalip singh)

Dalip Singh Rana (born 27 August 1972), better known by his ring name The Great Khali, is a professional wrestler, actor, and powerlifter. He is currently working for WWE. He debuted alongside Daivari and had alliances with Ranjin Singh and Jinder Mahal. However he spent most of his career as a singles superstar and in 2007 he became the World Heavyweight Champion.

Discovered by Bodybuilding Guru, Dr. Randhir Hastir, Singh underwent his initial training under Dr. Randhir's expert coaching. Before embarking on his professional wrestling career, he was a police officer in the Punjab state police. He has appeared in four Hollywood films, two Bollywood films, and has guest-starred on television shows.

Singh was born in Himachal Pradesh, India to Jwala Ram (father) and Tandi Devi (mother); he is one of seven siblings. Although his parents are of normal stature, his grandfather was well over 6 ft 6 inches.Singh has acromegaly, a disease closely associated with gigantism that causes facial deformities as evidenced by Singh's large brow and oversized cheekbones, as well as his oversized jaw.


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