Scale Vs Tape

Scale Vs Tape

People going to gym, with a target to get lighter and slimmer or bigger and heavier, needs to realize the facts about fitness and health. It is not necessary to loose weight or gain weight to get the feeling of good health and happiness. Even the measurements in inches or centimeters lost or gain are not real significance of good health. There is always a feed back of people going to gym in the very first few weeks that they have not lost any weight but lost few inches over the desired areas.

People those have never done any exercise earlier, they start getting stronger and heavier in the first few weeks. This is because there is a muscle building process going on in the body and the fat losing process has not yet started. Losing weight and gaining weight may not be healthy, where as gaining muscle mass and gaining strength is much healthier. There are lot of people those want to lose weight but do not lose weight because of the laborious gyming which leads to muscle mass gain and loss of body fat. This way the person starts feeling healthier and strong but do not show any weight loss. On the other hand somebody wants to gain weight fast and start gyming at very high pace and also stressed to do overtraining, but does not gain weight because excess exercise lead to fat loss and muscle loss.

In order to lose weight and lose inches it is ideal to train hard in the gym 3-4 times a week and add cardios 2-3 times a week after exercise. This will help to lose body fat and gain muscle mass. But the real losing work is done by your eating. Eating 5-6 small balanced multiple meals every 3-4 hours through the day with selectively no sugar and fats helps you to loose substantially. Please do not skip any meal.

Similarly in order to gain weight and get bigger one need to train hard 4-5 times a week with quite heavy load and sufficient rest of 4-6 minutes between the sets. Lifting heavy weights on basic exercises like squat, bench press, dead lift and chinning are fine to build mass. Eating moderate quantity of balance meal 6-8 times a day with some basic supplements like mass maker helps you to gain weight and size.

Weather you improve in weight or measure better on tape does not matter at all, it is the feeling of health, fitness, power, strength and well being which matters the most.



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