Aging is a disease. It's disease of losing body fluides , minerals and proteins . Its loss of muscle mass & bone mass and a state of dehydration of every tissue and increase of body fat. Rather our total musculature start deteriorating as we age. If we talk of muscles, it means not the muscles of chest , thighs or biceps only. The muscles are every where. Where there is movement there are muscles. Either it's eyes , lips , toung , heart , blood arteries , internal organs or the musculoskeletal system and also smooth muscles of the body.

The volentary muscles are under our control and can be improved with exercise and proper weight management. Where as involuntary muscles are controlled by autonomous nervous system and can improve in functions by good lifestyles and good mental health.

There are many perdisosing factors which accelerate the aging process like diabetics, hypertension, metabolic disorder , consumption of alcohol and other addictive substance. To have better old age and better mental , psychological and musculoskeletal health one needs following important things. 1. Control any disease and take regular medication 2. Take vitamins , minerals and moderate proteins, high fibre and low fat diet. 3. Take bigger breakfast , moderate lunch and small dinner. 4. Consume 4 to 5 small meals every 3 to 4 hours. And all the meals should balanced meals. 5. Take plenty of water. 6. Avoid alcohol . 7. Quite smoking 8 control body weight 9. Go to gym 3 to 4 days a week. 10. Performe the basic strength training exercises , preferably with own bodyweight and then gradually improve to weight training. 11. Avoid jogging and running. Walking is ok but it should be brisk walking. That should not more then 4 days a week. 12. Must take proper rest between the workout days for better recovery and improvement. 13. Concentrate on quadriceps , hamstring and ankle calf exercise for better dynamic balance. ( squats and heel raises ) 14. Avoid stresses 15. Prolong sex life as long as you can. 16. By on moderate alcohol schedules. 17. No smoking at all.

A combination of 4 to 5 small balanced meals , 3 to 4 days of strength training and stress free life is the only key to save the declining muscle mass and bone mass for healthy long life.

Dr. Randhir Hastir Trainer of Trainers


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