Overcooking The Protein?

Overcooking The Protein?

overcooking the protein

We (Indians) often consume hot milk several times a day assuming that is a great source of proteins. To the contrary what we guzzle is just sugar and fats with no digestible milk protein. Similarly ice creams, Indian (milk) sweets and other junk foods are over cooked that we eat not realizing that it is not for health but for taste, flavor and craving.

It is a scientific fact that heat destroys the protein molecules and protein binds itself so tightly that human gut cannot absorb the protein. When food is burnt or heated, fat burns first, then carbohydrates and finally protein. Protein is the last to burn because it binds itself before it gets burnt. Any food which is over cooked or over boiled leads to denaturing of protein bonds and the protein molecules don’t get broken down into amino acids. Amino acids are what the human body absorbs as proteins. Thus, if we over heat/cook any protein rich food it would not get converted into amino acid and ultimately will not get absorbed as proteins. However, carbohydrates and fats do not require any conversion to get absorbed in the gut.

Even eggs, chicken or any fried food, if repeatedly heated lose their easily digested protein pattern converting the expensive foods into just junk. There is good example of such junks like outer part of the bread, overcooked chapattis, fried and reheated cheese, roasted nuts and other repeatedly heated kitchen dishes are just junk and have little food value in the form of proteins and amino acids.

We must try to consume food cooked on low heat to absorb maximum amount of nutrition.




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