It is a big notion that more eggs more Muscles. This is not true that muscle comes with egg whites only. I have seen number of diet plans advocated by champs to consume 2-3 dozen or eggs a day. This is merely waste of money and over taxing our system. At one time a person of average 70kg needs 25 to 30 gm of proteins. Only 30 gm of proteins are digested at one time and if the quantity is more than the protein get undigested and passes in stools and the good food and hard earned money goes to gutters . Eggs are the best source of first class proteins and provide the complete amino acids profile. One normal egg provides about 5 to 6 gms of protein. The one egg white gives you about 4 to 5 gms. 1 to 1.5 gm of proteins is there in yellow of the eggs also. As mentioned above human get doesn't digest more than 30 gms of protein at one time and that's too from various sources not only eggs. So taking more then 5 to 6 eggs at one time is merely a waste of the food. What to talk for 15 to 20 eggs at one time. It's is just maniacs and pushing good proteins to garbage. The proteins are digested in stomach in the presence of hydrochloric acids and proteolytic enzymes. There digestive enzymes are secreted by our system in a limited quantities at one time. And they have a specific capacity to digest the right quantity of proteins in one meal. Proteins are digested to amino acids by digestive enzymes. And the digested amino acids are assimilated and absorbed by the gut. It's the right quantity of food at one time and the quantity of digestive enzymes which titrate to convert the basic food stiff to digestible nature to get absorbed and assimilated. If the quantity of any foods like eggs, meat, rice, wheat or any other food stuff is more than the digesting capacity then the ingredients especially proteins will not be absorbed and will get wasted and will be thrown out undigested in to flush. So at one time only 2 to 3 eggs if you are around 60kg or 4 to 5 eggs if you are around 75 kg and 5 to 7 eggs if you are around 90 kg at one time and 2 to 3 times a day. But make sure you are having optimum level of muscles mass and right percentage of body fat. Take in mind muscles needs proteins and energy not the fat. Dr. Randhir Hastir Trainer of trainers


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