No Stacking Please

No Stacking Please

If you go to gym of very high repute you may find the so-called guru coaches with big biceps. If you show your interest to become a professional bodybuilders. The coach sahib immediately starts showering his love to help you. He comes out with is knowledge of various links on webs, where you find various stacks of stanaz, deccas, sustas , testas, G.H, thermo and so on.

He offers you his stacks and services along with branded or non branded range of supplements at a price well above your expectations. But the prices some time are not above the level of your mania of bodybuilding. Even if you can't afford, you spend out of the way for the sake of your muscle mania.

It is true that only 5-10 % of total stack users complete the stack courses. Most of them leave with in one month because of other reasons. And other leaves in between, when they find there is hardly any improvement as per expectations. Because all these nonsense stuff can help you to achieve only 5-10% increase in power, only 2-3% lowering in body fat and very less visual effect. This improvement is just temporary and will go away once we leave the stacks. If you are not a mesomorphs you may not see any improvement. But yes the marks of side effects remains some time for ever. This knowledge of stacking and high-tech supplementation is not for wicked coaches. This is a tool for endocrinologists to help the man kind for treating some of the inborn genital problems. Even the bunch of drugs can't help the unlucky patients born with problems cure 100 percent. But, with little or incomplete knowledge, used by these evil so called coaches, can produce more Impotency, Azospermic, Hypertensive, Diabetics, Cardiac patients, Liver cancer, Neurotic, Skin problems, Joint & bone problems patients ,Early death etc. But very less bodybuilders.

WADA is not only to catch drug users but to save trillions of blind followers with little or no genetics with dreams to get unachievably targets to become world class. I again insist that any excellence in any walk of life or any art is god gifted which can never be acquired. Yes this can be improved up to certain levels. But every one can't be world class even with best of coaching or with any bla bla stacks factors. So save your money, time and health. ...Dr. Randhir


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