Who is Natural Bodybuilder ?

Who is Natural Bodybuilder ?
The following write-up is in response to one of the e mail questions from friend list ..... let me share it....

Question: Hello Sir, My name is Deepak Malhotra from Kurali (Mohali). Sir, my Question is Who is Natural Bodybuilder.

Answer: Every bodybuilder is a natural bodybuilder or human being, interested in making his body muscular and strong. He may be just a club champ or and international champ. Only difference in both of these bodybuilders is that a club champ is gifted with less natural inherited talent and genetics than the international bodybuilding champs. I have come across thousand of body lovers with normal to moderate and to excellent body potentials.

I also observed and concluded from my 30 years of experience in bodybuilding teaching that champion trains much lessor and eats lessor than the fitness and bodybuilding maniac enthusiast. Most of the time they hardly use any supplements. The eating habits of the champions are most of the time away from the scientific rule and principle. I can recall when I first met Mr. Prem Chand Degra, the World Champion, in his very first competition in 1980. He, in his first ever bodybuilding competition, won state and north India championship. You will be amazed to know that till that date, he never followed or touched the weight training program. He was good wrestler doing plenty of Dund-bathak, pulling the suhaga in the wresting Akhara and some moments of wrestling practice. Then for about 3 years he remained with us and followed the training programs and eating sequenceses and ultimately developed into Mr. Asia in 1983 and subsequently won the world championship in 1988. HIS GENETICS ARE AWESOME AND I HAVE GREAT REGARDS FOR HIS UNIQUE PHYSIQUE.

During these almost 30 years I have been lucky to come across champions raw material, which is natures gift to man kind in the shape of Mr. India champions like Heera Lal, Manjit Singh, Jagljit Singh, Daljit Singh, Parvesh Kumar, Jai Singh, Yogesh Sanan, Varinder Ghuman, Dilip Singh Khali etc. I used the basic raw material of these beginners when they met me, for experimenting our system of training, diet and rest. And finally succeeded in helping them to turn to the class musculature what they achieved, when they were in best of their times. Sometimes, I don't feel lucky enough to get another God gifted stuff like world champion Mr. Degra in any of the above mentioned champions so for. I wish that in my remaining years of my life I may come across another great champion raw material, where I may be of some help to turn him into another world class bodybuilder. I am also lucky and proud to mention that Mr. Heera Lal world champion is one of my students right from the beginning.

Dear Friend, every bodybuilder is a natural bodybuilder but every body builder cannot become world class. I can just guess that India has produced just four world champions so far, from an under developed and less genetically strong nation. There are breeds and genetically strong human races in the world, where the strong powerful, exceptional, super human type of bodies are born. You can just count it to be around 200-300 super human beings in the world like Arnold, The Larryscott, Sergio Olivia, Regpark, Dorian Yate, Ronie Colmen, Jay Cutler etc. They are all natural but born with great destiny ....like Tandulkar in Cricket and Amitabh in Indian Films etc

Now the answer to your question is that the super humans are super and extra ordinary not because of on any special drug they use or the supplement they use or the training method they use or any hidden short cut they use. Every human being has its own potential and limits which can be exploited, improved, enhanced up to certain limits with the help of scientific coaching and assistance. Not at all with any type of stacks of multi range drug / hormone / supplements/ etc. etc . Above all it is the circumstances and destiny of any champion which are the bases of his success. So believe in your self and follow the right techniques and expect the improvement with in the reach of your potential. Never think of any shortcut ... they are short lived and full of miseries. ..........

Dr. Randhir Hastir Trainer of Trainers


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