Steroid Never Make Bodies

Steroid Never Make Bodies
Hello friends !!! I had a chat with one of the enthusiasts this morning. I am posting it as such and trying to clarify that steroids should be avoided completely.
Good morning sir please tell me some good steroids tablets
Steroid never make bodies. They just give you 5-10% temporary boost , but when you leave you lose the results. Net results is zero. So improve what you have with right training , diet and rest system.
But sir many bodybuilders take it
I know, but they are good not because of this bla bla - they have some better genetics then others . Some are born champs and excel much better & faster and become champs.
How much time is good in the gym during exercise
30-40 minutes
So sir i am not responsible for genetics if i could think about genetics then i can't do nothing
you can improve what you have or blessed with. You may have club/district /state /country /world level genetics is your luck ... evaluate your self. The way every one can't be bollywood singer, the same way every one cant be Jay Cuttler.
Yes sir but could try that and main problem with me is that my muscle size is not increasing for last one year
Train just 3-4 times a week and train heavy and less and take rest 3-5 minutes between the sets. Complete the body in two days and take rest the third day and again two days and one day rest. Concentrate on basic exercises.
So sir how can i increase my size
Like plain bench press ...squats ...dead lift ..front press... barbell curs, triceps ext.
Told you that exert maximum and give rest. Let them grow during rest ... laborious training makes laborers. Eat 6-8 very small balanced meals every 3 hours. Out of 6-8 meals you can have one trusted balanced sugar free mass maker supplement.
I am doing workout from last three years but now no improvement and i do workout regularly
You must be doing labor. Over training is the only culprit of no progress. Stay cool & follow what I mentioned. You will improve. You will do better within your reach.
Sir somebody told me that increase ur exercise time from 1.3 hour to 2 hour
He must be crazy. More you do more over training. It is the quality not the quantity in advanced training . Quantity is ok for beginners, where the target is finishing exercises. But in advance training we need to finish our self in every set and take rest and recover for the next set or for next session.

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