How to lose fat, without killing yourself in a tough diet... There are so many stories, so many tales. How do they do it? And who really knows the best way to do it, without it being too hard on you? We all have our jobs, a busy lifestyle and family to attend to.

Training just 3 – 4 Times a Week

You can train with weights as little as three times a week, just 45-60 minutes per session. After GYMMING. I want you to do 20-30 minutes of CARDIOS to burn off the fat even faster. You can also do up to 30 minutes of cardio if you're up for it, but no more than that. I will leave that up to you.

Alternatively, you can do your cardio on your days off from the weights. The best time to do it in this case is as soon as you wake up on empty stomach since research indicates that more body fat is burned when performed on a fasted state since glycogen (stored carbohydrates) levels are low. Make sure when you do only cardios you need to do 40-50mts and when you do it after gyming you can do 15-20 mts. The best one is after training. .. 2-3 times a week. Sample Training Schedule

To spend only three days a week in the gym, and have significant results, here is a great sample schedule to do it. Follow this exact schedule if you like, or feel free to adjust it to your preference if you wish to train other body parts on different days.

Monday: Legs and Back, Biceps, calves + Cardios 20mts.

Tuesday: Training off

Wednesday: Chest, Shoulders Triceps, abs

Thursday: Training off

Friday: Legs and Back, Biceps, calves + Cardios 20 mts.

Saturday: Chest, Shoulders Triceps, abs

Sunday: Training off

Number of Exercises, Sets, Reps

Try to do 3 or 4 exercises per major muscle group (legs, back, chest, shoulders), and 2 or 3 exercises per minor muscle group (biceps, triceps). You can do 1 or 2 exercises for abs and calves. Go for 3-4 sets of about 15-20 reps per set as I have found this repetition range to be optimal for toning and fat loss.

Training Time

On training days, try to train not later than before the 4th meal, so that you have enough energy to train well during the day. The best one in the morning if your swear over weight or before dinner. If you are strong and moderately overweight.

Sample Diet Plan For Fat Loss and Toning

Meal 1 / Breakfast: ½ cup oatmeal or corn flacks or Dalia 3 egg whites with 1 yolk or some cheese One cup skimmed milk / Lassi

Meal 2 / Mid-morning: ½ cup fat free cottage cheese 1 Apple

Meal 3 / Lunch: ½ cup (cooked) brown rice with 4 oz. chicken breast < Daal > , steamed or boiled veg < no potatoes please> Small mixed salad with some nuts

Meal 4 / Mid-afternoon: ½ packet Meal Replacement Shake Apple

Meal 5 / Dinner: 1 thin chapatti or ½ cup (cooked) brown rice with < Daal > , 2 egg white or a piece Cheese , steamed or boiled veg < no potatoes please> Small mixed salad with some nuts

Meal 6 / Pre-bedtime: 1 ½ scoop protein shakes

Dr. Randhir Hastir


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