Gym Addicts

Gym Addicts

Gym is a place where people come for various targets. Some come for power, some for mass and some for fitness. The beginners come to gym with very high expectations in mind and thinking some miracle with exercise. But the nightmare goes away soon in the very first fortnight. If someone continue and stick to training more than 3 weeks, it means he has started enjoying the training and feeling the outcome of strains and stresses of load. This is the beauty of the strength exercises that its effect helps the total musculoskeletal system to improve.

The strained muscles increase testosterone levels and flood the endorphins. The endorphins are the enjoyment hormones which improve the feeling of well being.

There are many regular weight training freaks going to gym without any specific targets. Some goes for great powerful bench presses, few goes for powerful squats and other goes for great barbell curls. They are the true followers of strength training.

Truly speaking these is gym addicts and is assets of the gym. They are so regular to gym that even bad weather and worst domestic or social circumstances cannot stop them for going to gym. Mostly these exercise addicts are around 30 + age groups or may be even 40+. I remember about 20 years back in Canada I went to the gym and found 40% of the gym goers were above 35 , 30% were above 50, 10 to 15 % were plus 65 and only around 20 % were young below 22. It shows that gym goers are not only muscle maniacs. They are regular to gym for more than years without any specific targets are great exercise addicts and keep enjoying the great benefits of world's best anti aging lifestyle the BODYBUILDING.

In India the gym culture is just at its infancy and growing at very fast pace and more and more muscle addicts are joining the gym movement for great healthy and longevity.


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