Everyone use steroids !!! a myth

Everyone use steroids !!! a myth

Everyone use steroids is a popular myth and 99.9% of the people have no doubt in their mind. May be they are right in many ways and many examples support the myth. All bodybuilding followers use them without any aim or target. Some use them for mass some use them for power and other use them for separation. The truth is that what ever results they get is just temporary and with side effects.

There is no doubt that these performance enhancing medicine have definite role and have many positive effects. May be these effects are temporary and short lived but one feels a kick. Now it is the user's personal limits which are exploded for 10 to 15 % to get the best effect for performance results. The question is, what is the user's level and what is his potential and what could be his ultimate limits.

Now suppose you can bench 80kg for 6 reps and someone motivate you to spend few thousand bucks on some bla bla steroids stack. And you get that.... now what benefits you will get.... you may go to 90 to 95 kg for few reps. but can you go to 150kg...... never. If you try with drugs, you will pop out and fail to get that..... Which may put you to great stress and finally leads to frustrations? And many reversible or irreversible side effects. This mounted frustrating mind goes either to stop the training or more desperate steps to try something bigger dosages spending more money but killing and damaging more of yourself without any results.

The reality is that the person who can do bench presses of 150kg+ with drugs has inherited genetics to press 130+ without drugs. Similarly if someone can do just press 60kg after 2 year of training, will never reach to 100 + with any type of drugs. If I say these bla bla are just finishing touch or just polish to do slightly better is not wrong. Now you say everyone use and no one can become bodybuilder or powerful without these bla bla. But think can a normal person become a champ...No never. He must have the basic raw materials to excel or polish to do slightly better.

Keep on mind the champion stuffs are born and excel much faster and show quick response to even normal training and normal eating. The same training most of the time don’t give much effect on normal persons. But the effect of right training, eating and rest is always there to everyone but the results are variable. Some improve very fast, some show slow improvement and some are very hard gainer.

In my opinion and experience of more than 43 years they roids are just a make up or polish before a presentation and a show. But you have to work hard to be fit enough for the show without makeup etc.

Concluding this will remain a myth that steroids can make everyone a bodybuilder. The muscle maniacs will keep getting their pockets picked for their dream body hunger thinking that everyone is taking steroids.

Dr. Randhir Hastir


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