Getting bigger

Getting bigger

Getting big mostly means dreaming to be heavier like bouncers and 100+ supermen. But really speaking this may be true for certain people. But in professional Bodybuilding to be really big means looking bigger, leaner’s, broader, harder but not much heavier. There are many champs those are big, strong and huge but not much taller like Franco Colombo, Jay cutler , Gaspari, Phill Heath, kai Green, Tom Platz and many bodybuilding stars. In Indian scene Prem Degra, Sangram , Khamkar, Prashad kumar, Heera Lal etc any many more stars those are not that tall but looks huge to their heights.

To be bouncer type big and heavier, I mean more than 90 +kg or 110+ kg is not in anyone's hand. It's the inherited genetics which come from parents and forefathers. These big bulls are born big bodies and can never be made. These types of bodies are always fascinating and every one want to get that. But it’s not possible. Its one's maternal or paternal genetics which are carried on. So to be monsters or huge is not in anyone's hand.

Yes you can still be big within your own genetical limits. A swear ectomorph may not become that big but he can definitely get stronger and bigger with right training and eating. Similarly an endomorph of short height has to work hard to look bigger and solid keeping the same weight by losing his stubborn stored fat. To get bigger one has not to gain much on body weight but to gain muscle bulk and loose body fat. The muscles are bigger and lighter. Whereas fat is smaller and heavier. With more muscles and less body fat you can look bigger hard stronger and heavier. So be slow and keep gaining mass but losing fat at the same time to look bigger but not heavier on scale. This is what real Bodybuilding is all about.

Dr. Randhir Hastir


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