Egg yolks are bad!

Egg yolks are bad!

egg-yolks-are-bad Egg yolks are great source of Nutrition. A single egg yolk gives 50% of yours choline requirement, which helps the brain to function better. choline also improve euro transmission, lipids transportation, detoxification and memory development in children and adults. Egg yolks provides biotin, vitamin A, D, E . Selenium, essential fatty acids, iodine and craotenoids. Eggs at breakfast are filling, provides fats and proteins they meets all nutrition needs. Consume 2 to 3 eggs a day without cholesterol concerns Yes taking more than 5 or 15 eggs a day is not right and mear waste of money and food. At the most you can take 1 to 2 eggs 3 to 5 times a day but not more then 3 to 4 egg yolks. For protein needs egg whites are ok but not more then 2 to 3 egg whites at one time.


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