Do's and Don’ts for Six Packs Abs

Six pack abs exercises
Six pack abs, aren't they just fantastic? After seeing the actors flaunt their six pack abs, many want to have their own set of abs. There are several mistakes that most of us may be committing for getting six packs abs. In this article you will read about dos and don’ts for six pack abs Do’s Do crunches One of the best exercises to work your abdominals is crunches. Ideally, you must work up to the point where you do 3 sets of 20 repetitions or 4 sets of 15 repetitions. Cardio is also important For six-pack abs one need to strengthen the abdominal muscle s and lose body fat. There is no escaping cardiovascular exercise and weight training to lose weight in a healthy way. Do watch what you eat Don't expect to get a six-pack with exercise alone, but don't go on an extreme all-protein or no-carbohydrates diet. Find a way to eat healthily and to stay satisfied that you're comfortable with. This could mean lowering your intake of processed foods and sugars and increasing your proteins and healthy carbohydrates. This also means doughnuts might not be the greatest idea if you want a flatter stomach. Find a balance that works. Do exercise often enough Going to the gym or a fitness class once a week isn't likely to get you the results you want. Instead, hit the gym at least three to four times a week. And remember that including both cardio and strength training each week will be the most efficient for weight loss and abs training. Do squats and overhead presses Squats and overhead presses will help you work your stomach muscles. More than crunches, these exercises use a lot more muscle groups and make the whole body work a lot harder. Don’ts Don't strain your back You must focus on your abdominals, but it creates an imbalance in the musculature when you don’t train your back. Be sure to keep your spine supported during abs training. While developing your core strength is important for preventing back pain and back injury, be sure to do the exercises at a pace that will comfortably allow you to stay in control of your back movements. Support your spine as well with exercises such as squats and lifts. Don't place your hands behind your neck during crunches Many people think that placing their hands behind their heads offers optimal support while doing crunches or sit-ups, but this could actually lead to neck injuries, because you might end up pulling on your neck while training. Instead, place your hands at your ears or crossed over your chest. If you must have your hands behind your head, envision an orange under your chin so that your head doesn't bend forward with each set. Don’t do heavy exercises everyday You can do crunches every day, but exercises such as hanging leg raises and windmills shouldn’t be done daily. These exercises work the abs hard and demand some rest in between. Don't think a flat stomach only with abs training As much as you hate to believe it, you won't lose belly fat simply by training your abs. Doing crunches will help develop that six-pack look, but not without losing the fat surrounding the muscle. And that fat surrounding the muscle isn't going to disappear only with targeted training. So here's where cardio kicks in — something that will eliminate the extra calories and help you lose weight before you start training.


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