Does High Protein Diet affect Kidneys?

high protein diet
Despite a controversial belief otherwise, new evidence suggests that diets high in protein do not adversely affect kidney function. A widely held and controversial myth that high-protein diets may cause kidney damage in healthy adults has been debunked by scientists. The kidneys are remarkable organs that filter waste compounds, excess nutrients and liquids out of the bloodstream, producing urine. Some say that your kidneys need to work hard to clear the metabolites of protein from your body, leading to increased strain on the kidneys. Adding some more protein to your diet may increase their workload a little, but this increase is quite insignificant compared to the immense amount of work your kidneys already do. About 20% of the blood your heart pumps through your body goes to the kidneys. In an adult, the kidneys may filter around 180 litersof blood every single day. High protein intake may cause harm in people with diagnosed kidney disease, but the same doesn’t apply to people with healthy kidneys. The two main risk factors for kidney failure are high blood pressure and diabetes. A higher protein intake benefits both. In conclusion, there is no evidence that a high protein intake harms kidney function in people who don’t have kidney disease. On the contrary, high protein diet has plenty of health benefits and may even help you lose weight.


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