Best Time to take Protein Supplements

Best Time to take Protein Supplements

In fitness, bodybuilding especially, you need a lot of nutrients to help you get big and strong, especially if you’re trying to get results quickly. When it comes to building muscle and getting strong, protein is an extremely important part of your diet. One great way to get ensure that you are getting the protein intake that you need is through supplementation. People get their hands on a protein powder but they don’t have a clue how to use it optimally. Most of the time people take way too much of the stuff, caught up in the “more is better” mind-set. The result of this over consumption of protein powder can cause bloating and digestion problems, and is a big waste of money. A question that often arises when referring to protein supplementation is, “What Is the Best Time to Take Protein “? The best time to take protein depends on you and your specific health goals. Protein requirements vary greatly from person to person. So, first things first, it’s important to calculate your daily protein requirements. Now, we’re going to take a look at the most popular time to drink a protein shake.

First Thing in the Morning Drinking a protein shake in the morning also makes sense. You’ve been sleeping for 6-8 hours and your body hasn’t been taking in any nutrients for that entire time. It needs protein, and it needs protein quickly. Starting your day with a protein shake ensures that your muscles are fed for the first leg of your day. A protein shake in the morning can give your metabolism a boost, and start off the day well but be sure to follow it up with a solid breakfast.

Before your workout Some trainers recommend protein consumption 30 minutes before exercise. Having a shake before your workout supplies you with all the nutrients you need to fuel through your grueling workout sessions, maximize muscle growth, and prevent muscle breakdown. . A quickly digested protein combined with some slow-digesting carbs are a good choice. In addition you can add a pre-workout supplement that boost blood flow to muscles and enhance strength.

After your workout After exercise is the most important time to consume protein. When you work out, you are tearing the muscle fibers that compose your muscles so that they can repair themselves as bigger, stronger muscles. Your muscles are very receptive to nutrients and are ready to repair and rebuild exercise-induced damage as well as replenishing glycogen stores. By supplying a post workout recovery protein containing whey, casein, soy, and simple carbohydrates during this timeframe, you’ll help ensure your muscles are well recovered and ready to make big gains.

Before Bed Drinking a protein shake before bed can also be beneficial. One of the best times our bodies have to recover is while we are asleep. Taking protein before bed can ensure that your body has the nutrients it needs to rebuild and will prevent your muscles from breaking down while you sleep. The best form of protein to take before bed is Casein because casein is a time-released protein and is digested at a much slower rate, releasing its amino acids over several hours throughout the night while you sleep.


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