There are only a few basic etiquette rules when it comes to working out at the gym. It’s actually quite like kindergarten. Almost all gym etiquette comes down to being respectful and being aware that the gym is a facility used by many different people. Below are listed some basic gym rules which individuals should know.

1) Don’t hesitate - Most people are so busy with their own workout; they don’t have time to observe what you are doing. So don’t feel embarrassed because you don’t know how to use something. Ask gym staff member for instruction. That is their job.

2.) Respect of other members – Don’t sit on your phone and hog equipment or interrupt others mid-set. Show respect for other members, gym employees and facility equipments. Keep your own things tidy. Never criticize others unless they ask for help.

3.) Don’t try to imitate others To really know the finer points of tough exercises you must consult to your gym trainer as well as read some fitness experts articles or tips about that particular exercise. Never blindly copy the exercise someone else is doing because, every human body has its own requirement and potentials to work.

4.) Rest times – Rest is depending on exactly your goal. Exercise for bigger muscle group like legs, chest and back typically need more rest between the sets than the smaller muscle groups like biceps, triceps and calves. For muscular endurance, metabolic training, building muscle rest time should be 20-60 seconds. On other hand 3-5 minutes are enough to increase strength, muscular power and getting toned.

5.) Be on time- Many gyms lightly enforce 30-minute time limits for cardio machines during peak hours. If your gym is busy, respect that limit and don’t go over. If you want a really long cardio workout, avoid the gym during the busy times.

6.) Practice patience- Don’t rush others. If someone is obviously using a piece of equipment, don’t ask if they are almost done. Wait until he or she takes a break and be prepared to wait or use something else in the meantime.

  1. ) Locker rooms and showers-Remember that the locker rooms and showers are public. Don’t throw your personal items all over the place. Use only one locker and remove your belongings before you leave the facility. If you use the shower, don’t linger. Others may be waiting for you to finish.

8.) Ready to learn new exercise-Making a consistent habit out of exercising is one of the best steps you can take towards creating a healthier lifestyle for yourself, but if your goal is beyond just “getting healthy” like losing weight, gaining strength, or building speed you’ll have to step outside of your comfort zone. Try a variety of activities that will continue to challenge your body. Trying a new exercise doesn’t mean you have to commit to it forever. The point is to experiment, explore andfun.

9.) Take guidance before using equipments- Ask a trainer in the gym if you’re not sure how a piece of equipment works or are unsure of how to do a lift. OR, if you’ve been in your gym for a while, and you see somebody who knows how to lift properly, ask them.

10.) Return weights and equipment -Always return weights and other equipment to the proper storage area. Wipe equipment after use. Bring towel or use cleaning solution and paper towels.

Once you practice the basic gym rules and keep them permanently in your mind, it would be easier for you to carry out your workouts in a gym. You will find no one complaining about you are not following the gym rules.


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