Are You Fit and Healthy?

Change the Body Look

To be fit n healthy one has to meet the basic criteria of health in term of height and weight ratio, normal body fat percentage and your feelings of wellbeing, strength and stamina at any age.

Fitness is not just a meaningful of excellence in any sporting events or activities. Some can swimming good but can’t run for distance. Or one can play hockey but can't play badminton. So we say a fit person can play any sport but need not to get mastery of everything.

The fitness is simply defined as the ability to perform your duty and capacity to disburse your physical and mental responsibility without tiring and falling sick for many years to come. This fitness is 24hrs and 7 day requirements. A sick person can’t sleep well also.

Physically fit one should weight in kg equal to height in Inches +- 10% for men and for women 15% less than the figure of height in inches and then 5 to 10% plus or minus. Now the clear intreptation of the above can be...

In men Height 5'. 5'' or 65 inches = 65 kg - + 10% = weight 59 to 71 kg approx. In women Height 5'.5'' or 65 inches -15% = 52 kg approx -+ 10% = 47 to 59 kg approx The plus and minuses are because of various factors like age , sex, body types and body frames.

Now you can calculate his required body weight as per his or her height. If someone weights 10 to 15 % more than required then person is overweight and if more the 20% then the person is obese. They require treatment.

Similarly if someone is 10 to 15 % lighter then person is underweight if one is more lighter than this, the person is marasmus (diseased underweight) requires medical treatment. In few of my next articles I will be discussing about the body fat percentage in role of fitness and health.

Dr. Randhir Hastir


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