10 Reasons Why You're Not Getting Results

10 Reasons Why You're Not Getting Results

Many people go to gym and exercise daily. But they do not get the desired results. Have you ever think what could be the reasons behind it? Undoubtedly diet matters a lot, but there are some likely reasons that are probably not on your recommendation. Below are the top 10 reasons most men fail to build muscle.

1. You don't have a specific goal

You must have a plan or purpose to go to the gym. Well,We all go to the gym for a reason. Common reasons include 'losing weight', 'to get stronger' or 'to build more muscle'. If you are serious about getting results, these goals are not specific enough. Give yourself a deadline.

2. A gym is not a social club

This is a big mistake people make. It is often observed that so many people go to the gym to exercise but how many of them really work hard, how many spend their most of time chatting, sending messages on mobile to each other and for a little time they take exercise too. They rarely sweat during exercise. Save your social activity for after your workout.

3. Not right technique

This is very important. Always maintain good technique when you lift weights. It doesn’t matter if you use free weights or machines, if you cannot control the weight you try to lift, then it’s too heavy. By lowering the weight and keeping a better technique you will get the most from your lifting.

4.You’re working too hard

As crazy as it sounds, working out too hard can be detrimental to meeting your fitness and weight or body measurement goals. Make sure to take at least one rest day a week, drink plenty of water and eat nutritious foods to replenish your muscles after a hard workout. Remember you want to build muscle, not break it down without recovery.

5. Not getting enough sleep

Few of us can say that we get the recommended eight hours of sleep a night. Although it may be hard to forgo productivity for sleep, your efforts for a good night’s sleep will pay off in the long run. Lack of sleep can lead to hormonally charged weight gain and poor workouts due to fatigue and lack of concentration. Set a sleep schedule complete with a bedtime and wake time, and stick with it.

6. Always doing the same workout

If you always keep to the same program your muscles will adapt, and not be challenged anymore. The result is you reach a plateau, the body will find the most efficient way of completing them. This is bad news because it means when our bodies become more efficient it will be harder to lose weight or gain muscle, strength, and cardiovascular fitness.

7.Inconsistent exercise

This goes for both diet and exercise. Lift weights at least 3 times per week. Eat enough every single day. Consistency is key for any long term change. Missing a day here and there won’t kill you, but making a habit of it might.

8.You don’t do these exercises

Squats, presses, rows and deadlift, too. Embrace them and bump your game up a notch. These are the core movements that we use in our everyday lives. That is why everyone from professional athletes to housewives benefits from strengthening them. They recruit many different muscle groups and stimulate maximal muscle growth as a result.

9. You expect instant results

Be patient. Enjoy the journey of building your body up little by little. It is a fulfilling process measured in months and years. Not days or weeks.

10.Last but not the least

Post Workout Rest:- Muscle grows at rest in gym , it only pumps so rest is important for muscle .

So, the next time you go for your workout, don’t repeat the same mistakes. Always keep your focus on your goal and follow it properly under the gym instructor. Sure you will get the desired results.


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