yoga a great Gym exercise

yoga a great Gym exercise
It's just way of lifestyle when you think and care for your body, mind and soul.

It is nothing different than any type of exercise know to experts. Yoga is not just asanas or mudras. It is a scientific way of overhauling the physical and mental health. Yoga is known for its various benefits for all the system of body particularly respiratory, digestive, neuro-psychiatric, reproductive and musculo-skeletal.

Right movements of stretching, compressing and holding the body is the physical yoga , the ventilation, cleaning and streamlining all the orifices or opening of body is also yoga and decongesting, vibrating, humming, thumping, stimulating the neuro transmitter of body is also yoga.

Other physical exercise are good, truly speaking they all are part of yogic exercises. It has no limits, using your body weight, your joint flexibility, physiological bio mechanical movements, flexion and extensions of muscles, using your breath and heart beats is all YOGA.

Yoga is a great pre-workout warm up and great post workout cool down. All gym exercise must be followed with yogic movements to ease-out the tired muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints. Yogic stretches and postures are best ways to squeeze out the waste toxins from the tried muscles. This helps in getting better recovery, more flexibility, more power and muscle mass. Stretching of the straining muscles during the gyming after every set helps in avoiding unwanted injuries of all kind.

In elderly yoga improves the dynamic balance, mental health, better breathing and good heart. In women yoga imparts more flexibility and strength needed for various stages of life right from normal house hold work to bearing a child to menopausal stresses.


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