Leg Press or Squat?

Leg Press or Squat?

People squat for leg presses in their routines. While both these exercises work the quads, they are not created equal. Squats are the better choice. A number of personal trainers, strength coaches and gym freaks advocate the leg press over the squat. Here are some points which goes for squats over leg press as per as safety is concerned.

Leg Press is not Safer?

  1. The Design, pattern is not be ideal all individual bodies. It is built for the average person, and there is no real adjustment for body structure. Very few people fall into what the average person is. This in turn will affect overall movement quality. It can negatively impact ones everyday gait and posture for normal daily activities.
  1. The leg press has been shown to make athletes more prone to lower-back problems, because at the bottom position, they are deep into flexion. The knees get close to the chest, and many times the back is raised off the pad.
  1. The leg press is not a stabilized movement. Many time even girls can leg press 500 pounds, yet she struggles to squat 115." How is this possible? The answer is simple. The leg press requires no balance, because the lower back and hips are not stabilized by the core of the body.
  1. Leg Press is more injury prone. The forces transmitted on leg muscles and joints are much greater than the body could naturally transmit during the squat. This potentially puts the hips, lower back and knees at much greater chance of injury.
  1. Squats are safe, but are a significant deterrent to knee injuries. Squats increase stability in the knee by increasing strength in the muscles around the joint, along with strengthening tendons and ligaments. A squat requires the athle


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