Health Benefits of Eating Chapatti

Health Benefits of Eating Chapatti

A small, 6-inch chapatti contains 71 calories, 3 grams of protein, 0.4 gram of fat and 15 grams of carbohydrates, including 2 grams of fiber. The chapatti is lower in calories and provides more protein and fiber, both of which help you keep feeling full for longer.

Roti or chapatti is Indian breads that are prepared in almost all Indian houses on a regular basis. Made with whole grain especially wheat, roti is a healthy and staple Indian diet dish.Most of us are not aware of health benefits of chapatti. There is enough evidence that claims that wheat is healthy enough. It can decrease the risk of cardio-vascular issues as it contains less amount of fat. Wheat contains vitamin B & E, copper, iodide, zinc, manganese, silicon, arsenic, chlorine, sulfur, potassium, magnesium, calcium and mineral salts.

1. Nutrients : A roti can provide your body with Vitamins and minerals like vitamin B & E, copper, iodide, zinc, manganese, silicon, arsenic, chlorine, sulfur, potassium, magnesium, calcium and mineral salts. Therefore, even one wheat chapatti can do wonders for your body.

2. Healthy Skin : A chapatti also contains Zinc and other minerals which are good for your skin. This is one of the benefits of a chapatti.

3. Better Digestion : A roti can be easily digested. As rotis are made with whole grains, it is very easy to digest the Indian bread. They dissolve easily and pass out into the intestines. This way, it is better to eat a roti instead of rice.

4. High energy : Chapattis are a good source of carbohydrates. A good intake of whole wheat flour keeps you energized. If you take products enriched by this grain then you can get rid of constipation, nausea or stomach bloating. Regular intake of this will also ensure no abdominal pains. It does not only provide strength but also energizes you and boosts your mood.

5. Blood Cells : As the chapatti is loaded with iron it is good for the haemoglobin levels of your blood. Wheat helps in making of blood cells, it prevents from problem of Anemia.

6. Prevents from certain diseases : Due to the high nutritional value, certain problems like obesity, asthethia, mineral deficiencies, anemia, breast cancer, tuberculosis and other pregnancy related issues are treated with the help of a diet that includes chapatti.

7. Less Calories : When no oil or butter is added, chapattis are pretty low in their calories. So, if you are aiming at weight loss, switch to chapattis.

8. Reduce pain and swelling : If you are suffering from joint pain or swelling then you must add wheat bread in your diet.


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