What separates the little boys from the men?

What separates the little boys from the men? BIG LATS

Having big arms may be cool but having big lats is what separates the little boys from the men. Developing your latissimus dorsi will have a more profound effect on how you look than adding an inch to your arms. Here’s a list with the most effective lats exercises for natural bodybuilders.

Pull-ups The most basic of all basic lats exercises, the humble pull-up can do wonders for helping your back and trunk achieve that well-balanced state you’re after. Pull-ups help build mass in the upper back region, increase your resistance to weight-lifting, and are also targeting other muscles (such as the bicep and tricep muscles) as well. For the ladies which may not be looking to build mass, but just to help define a highly toned frame for their backs and waist areas, limit the pull-ups to 5 a day or per workout, at least at first. For men looking to build mass, feel free to begin with as many as 10 pull-ups a day or per workout, perhaps even 15 if you think you’re up for it.

Lats Pulldown The lats pulldown is a machine variant of the pullup that allows you to work in given rep ranges more easily (because you can accurately control the amount of weight you have to pull). Following are the basic steps to do Lats pulldown:-

1.Keep your chest tall/bring your chest to the bar 2.Keep your elbows pointed straight down 3.Squeeze your lats/think of pulling from your armpits 4.Lower to your chin or just below 5.Grab just outside your shoulders or a little wider 6.Also try using the ‘V-grip’ handle.

Deadlift The deadlift is at the core of any great weightlifting program.Following are the basic steps to do Deadlift:- Proper Deadlift form starts with the weight on the floor. Pull the bar until you’ve locked your hips and knees. Return it to the floor by moving your hips back first and then bending your knees. Rest a second between reps and repeat.

Seated Row

1.Face the machine, place feet on rest(s), bend the torso forward (keeping the back straight throughout the entire movement), and bend the legs at the knees so that the attachment can be reached. 2.Grasp the cable attachment; press with the legs until they are just short of being straightened. Remember to keep the back straight. This is the starting position. The legs will not bend again until the set is complete and the weight is being set down. 3.Sitting almost completely upright (you may lean backwards slightly if desired), inhale, pull the weight until the handle(s) reaches the sternum (the upper abdomen), and pause briefly. 4.Lower the weight the starting position, exhaling throughout the motion. 5.Repeat. 6.Once done with the set, bend the knees and lower the weight until tension is released from the cable, and then release the handle.

REVERSE GRIP BARBELL ROW Lower lats sweep is accomplished with this unique and compact movement. Performed with a bent bar, close grip, pulls the bar tight to the waist, arching the back to engage full low back and low lats muscle mechanics. Moderate weight allows safest and surest articulation of this demanding form movement. Sets of 6-8 match the demand. ONE ARM DUMBBELL ROWS This potent exercise stands alongside barbell rows in mass and power building seriousness. Executed with the same intensity, they are wisely done as alternatives to the wide grips. Stabilized in a powerful tripod stance - none of this knee on bench stuff - one arm rows remove the load from the lower back, enabling you to tough your way through lumbar overload. Relief in this overworked area is priceless. In all your exercises focus, form, and practice yield perfection.


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