Treadmill hurts!

Treadmill hurts

The modernization of fitness centers in the last 2 decades has increased the sale of fitness equipments mutli-fold. Topping the list are exercise cycles, treadmills and elliptical manufacturers. Despite of having many issues treadmill still remains the favorite.

As far as money is concerned treadmill still remains as one of the most expensive pieces of equipment. However, this has not stopped people from buying them. It continues to come under the rich mans paraphernalia of health appliances. At home 95% of the treadmills get damaged due to non-usage. Some are put to use for every other thing than exercise.

Whereas cycle has more benefits than the treadmill it still continues as a non-functional piece of equipment in domestic house holds.

Because of it not being properly utilized treadmill continues to hurt people. The major reasons behind this can be the monotonous, unexciting atmosphere at home unlike gyms, boring training schedule without proper coaching etc. All this leads to lack of motivation.

To the contrary at the gym another sort of problem arises when trainers schedule their new students to start the workout with 20 to 30 minutes of initial walking or jogging on treadmills. We must understand that the person who has just joined your gym has never walked for many years and he is over weight. The trainer has asked him to follow the typical corporate fitness schedule of treadmills 20 mins, cycling 10mins , cross trainer 10mins, rowing 5mins , stepping 5mins etc for the first few weeks and that too daily. This leads to damage to the knee and lower back. All this is due to over training and unaccustomed activities. Ultimately leads to unwanted injuries and sprains and the end result is increase in gym drop out rates.

The right plan for the gym to follow: -
At the gym start with 3 to 5 minutes of warm up on all the cardio equipment including treadmill. Then do the rest as per schedule. After your weightlifting schedule is over get on again with cardio for 20 to 30 minutes. Not only on treadmill but 2 to 4 minutes on all cardio equipment one by one. This will help you to shape up and lose fat and gain muscle. Make sure you DO NOT do the same exercise daily including treadmills or cycle or running. 
All the best

Dr. Randhir Hastir Trainer of champions


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