Sunil Das V.D

Sunil Das V.D
Name - Sunil Das V.D. Age - 32 years City - Ernakulam State - Kerala Achievements -
  • Ernakulam district overall champion 10 times
  • Mr.Kerala overall champion 13 times 2006 to 2013
  • Mr. Universe 2011 Mumbai participant
  • Mr. Amateur Olympia Kuwait 2012 , 10th place
  • Mr. South India 2012
  • Jr.Mr. India 2011
Measurements - Competition Weight – 85 Kg Offseason Weight - 95 Kg. approx. Diet plan -
  • 1st meal oats, corn flakes ,egg whites, food contains fiber (sprouts) protein powder.
  • 2nd meal boiled chicken 500grm, brown rice,boiled pulse.
  • 3rd meal egg whites water less fruits
  • 4th meal boiled chicken 500 gms. chapati ( salt less).
I consume sufficient egg white during competition with meal replacement protein shakes. Preferred Brand of Supplements -
  • ON (optimum nutrition) 100% Gold Standard Whey.
  • MRI pro-nos Protein.
Workout schedule - My workout depends on the strength of muscle size but I do upper body in morning and lower body in evening because lower body needs rest after workout. Workout session includes 1 Big Muscle & 1 Small Muscle e.g chest with triceps, back with biceps. I do cardio before and after workout 15 min each.


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