Steroids are pseudo kick

Steroids are pseudo kick
The body building mania is dominating the world with crazy thoughts and solutions to get the best of the body without even thinking of the worst consequences. Drugs like steroids, growth hormones, stimulants may be giving some kick to get better but how long this kick goes on. Steroids are just small kick of about 8 % to 10 % enhancement in performance. It could be 10 % increase in your bench press , or 10% increase in your shot put or other throws or 10% increase in jump distance or noticeable increase of muscle mass or 2-3% loss of body fat.

All above gains are nearly temporary and once you leave the cycle the performance wither away. But some unwanted and unavoidable side effects may remain forever and leave its marks behind.

The kick is great if some is young below the age of twenty and changes due to drugs could be more but with damaging side effects. In my opinion giving steroids and so called these boosting substances below the age of twenty is a sin. Up 25 to 30 the kick is ok the damage is less. After thirty the kick is same and damage is lesser and after 40 again the kick is same the damage is much lesser. After forty one should be extra careful in taking the steroids. that may induce some other problems like prostates or prostate cancer.

Concludingly the small kick of 10% which is just temporary is of no value. Now just for example if you are bench pressing 70 kgs and getting some nonsense stacks and go to 85 kg but the reality is that with any number of stacks and expensive drugs and supplements he can never reaches to 180 kg similarly if you have 23% body fat and go for such bla bla may get a decrease of 2-3 % of body fat and some increase of muscle mass but he can never attain the shredder six pack muscularly of 12-14% body fat.

Finally it is your choice whether you want that kick at which level and at which age. It is better to train hard and achieve your maximum potential with good training ,diet and in sufficient time so that you achieve your 80% of the potential and age maturity and close to your target and then think of this polishing kick to present better but at the cost of your health. But be in mind this kick is kick in the air only.


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