Steroid Myths

Steroids Myths
Myth #1 – Steroids are safe The side effects are significant and are more likely to be serious the younger the person taking anabolic steroids. They include liver cancers, hepatitis, heart disease, cholesterol elevation, blood sugar elevation, epileptic fits, fluid retention, and ultimately heart-attack and stroke as well as cosmetic effects such as virilization (early or excess growth of male characteristics) in males, stops growth in teenagers, androgenization (loss of feminine sexual characteristics) in females and growth of breasts in males. The younger the user is, the greater the health risk of steroid administration. Women who take steroids may experience side effects like facial hair growth and loss of feminine characteristics. Myth #2 All steroids are pretty much the same Steroids can be anabolic or androgenic. Anabolic steroids help in the growth of the skeletal and muscle tissue, whereas the androgenic steroids deal with secondary male sex traits such as hair growth, sex drive and sperm health. Corticosteroids form another category of steroids. These are used to treat inflammatory diseases like arthritis and are also deployed to battle asthma and certain extreme cases of allergies. Myth # 3Steroids won’t really stunt your growth Some forms of steroids have the capacity of getting converted into estrogen, the female hormone. These synthetic steroids convince the platelets to seal off much earlier than usual, leaving a youngster permanently stunted. Teenagers who take steroids in the growth phase are exposed to a risk of stunted height and they may not be able to reach their natural height. Myth # 4Steroid cause high blood pressure Steroid due to increased retention and stimulation on the heart, cause increase in blood pressure. If you have borderline blood pressure it may become high blood pressure during cycle. Myth # 5Steroids aren’t addictive. Any person who has been taking steroidal supplements for a long time may face withdrawal symptoms ranging from fatigue, mood swings, reduced sex drive, restlessness and insomnia to a desire to take more steroids if the supplement is discontinued. The quick loss of muscle size, physical strength, and the diminished psychological sense of power provided by steroids can cause mild to severe depression. Myth # 6Steroid cause depression It would depend on the type of steroids, what your mental condition was before steroid use, and if you are on or just getting off a steroid cycle. Many users might experience depression post cycle, due to the low testosterone levels.


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