Is Smoking Dangerous For Muscle Building?

Is Smoking Dangerous For Muscle Building?

Most people are aware of the dangers of smoking. Smoking is very dangerous to everyone. Not just bodybuilders, but smoking does not help a bodybuilder improve their inside or out. Bodybuilding is about improving your body, improving how you want to look, and feeling confident and great about yourself. Not only does cigarette smoking compromise the health of your heart and lungs, it also diminishes muscle gains. Cigarette smoking increases the enzyme myostatin, which hampers the growth of muscles, and increases the smoking rate of enzyme MAFbx, which works on the analysis of proteins in muscle and therefore has a Triple Action to reduce the progress, which reduces the body's ability to build muscle growth and increase their destruction. But a side effect of smoking that not many people may be aware of is its effect on muscle growth.

Smoking can increase your heart rate by as much as 30%, which affects the outcome of your exercise in significant ways. This increase in heart rate and the resultant increase in blood pressure diminish blood flow and reduce the smoker’s overall performance while performing the same exercise routine as a non-smoker. . When your exercise routine is designed to encourage muscle building, your diminished performance will yield less muscle than that of a healthy non smoker.

Testosterone is a hormone responsible for defining the quality of your overall muscle growth and strength. But, smoking may also damage the cells within the body which produces testosterones. Lack of testosterone also makes you feel tired and limits your exercise regimes further hampering your muscle growth. This is why athletes and bodybuilders want to have high testosterone levels so that they can optimally strengthen their muscles.

Smoking disturbs the body’s muscle building and repair process, thus making it harder for you to attain maximum training gains from your workout. Smoking can cause serious harm to your respiratory system, lowering oxygen absorption which consequently reduces your weight training performance. It pumps carbon monoxide in your system which deprives your muscles of the oxygen they need. The less oxygen your muscles get, the less efficient they become. Lower oxygen means reduced training performance.

Smoking can diminish your overall energy levels. Your ability to endure longer workouts, or to increase the intensity of your existing exercise routine, will suffer as you use cigarettes. This loss of endurance may force you to cut your exercise short, limiting the number of repetitions you can perform and shortening the time you spend developing muscle.

Your muscles will stop growing all together just because you smoke. The above points demonstrate that smoking cigarettes impacts on some of the factors that contribute to muscle growth. Smoking reduces your changes of maximum gains.


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