Six pack funda

Six pack funda

When i was young, i used to see the Hollywood movies with muscular stars having six pack and strong arms and zero size female actresses roaming around. It was all fascinating to watch the old time Hollywood fitness around 30 years back. Now almost after 3 decades Bollywood started following the fitness tempo with muscular six pack broad hero and masculine zero size heroines.

To get the presentable six pack fitness with almost 10-12% body fat, is not the result of hard training but it is the result of extensive disciplined eating habits and or some sincerity toward the goal. In many Hollywood movies stars like Amir khan, Shahrukh khan, Saif ali khan are the few examples those were not regular six pack personalities but they really worked hard and followed strict diet plans may be some thermo genic and metabolic boosters. Similarly Farhan akhtar set a record in transforming his physique to awesome Milkha standard. These types of transformations are very motivating but these changes may be great can only last if you keep sticking to the discipline and lifestyle required for it. Once you slow down your seriousness the transformation reverse back to the normal physical frame, structure and capabilities.

The upcoming stars with six packs come from the ecto-mesomorphic young man with moderate structure with low body fat physique. These types of people carries a body fat % of 10-12% without exercise or dieting has great chances to become six pack models rather than meso-endo type of people carrying body fat more than 22-25%. People above more than 30% body fat can never dream of six packs even they go under world’s best coach or the world’s high-tech drug and supplementation.

Training Tips

  • If you really want good six packs never train the abs daily.
  • Best to do upper abs and lower abs on separate days
  • Upper abs with back or chest days after the major exercises.
  • Lower abs after the leg workout
  • Never perform more than 2-3 sets of 1 or 2 exercises in one session.
  • Never perform 100s of repetitions for abs. That will not makes abs rather it will break your back.
  • Perform 15-20 very slow reps with all concentration on working abs muscles.
  • Never over train the abs muscle otherwise they will squeezed in size and will not be visible in more lights.
  • You can use inclined positions or hold some dumbbells or weight plates on your chest for increasing the limited 15-20 reps difficult.

Nutrition Tips

  • Use kitchen as the only abs building arena.
  • Cut all simple carbs.
  • Consume 6-8 high fibres moderate protein low fat small balanced multiple meals.
  • Never eat a big meal or consume full bottle of water or beer at a stretch, this will put intra-abdominal pressure on the abdomen and it will loosen the abdominal wall and your belly will look bloated.
  • Eating protein does not ensure a six pack, but eating a balanced diet definitely ensured a good muscular physique.
  • Steroids and supplements may help you to get some temporary kick in the muscle building and body fat lowering but make it sure that once you leave these bla bla, the fat is going to come on to the abs first, and then to the other body parts.
  • So please avoid all these bla bla and concentrate on the lifelong low cal, high fibres, and moderate protein diet with plenty of water and keep in enjoying the sea shore six pack physiques.


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